Bring Chaos into your Development Environment

Chaos Carnival 2021

Chaos Engineering is a must if you're building Cloud Native applications. If you unit-test your code, you should chaos test it. Join us to learn how open-source tools like LitmusChaos, Okteto, and Kubernetes help make Chaos Engineering a core part of your entire team's development environment.

When most organizations think of Chaos Engineering, they visualize it as a stage that happens at the end of the software development cycle. You build, you test, While this is a good way to start, is far from optimal.

Chaos Engineering, just like security or observability, is a tool that developers can leverage even before they write a line of code. In this session, I talked about how you can use open-source tools like Litmus Chaos, Okteto, and Kubernetes to bring Chaos Engineering into your entire's team development environment on day 1, instead of as a last-minute afterthought.