Cloud Native Development

CND is a cli tool that helps you move your development workflow entirely to kubernetes, avoiding the time-consuming docker build/push/pull/redeploy cycle.

Available on github


i2kit is a cli tool to deploy container based applications on the cloud. The tool will create a minimalistic, linuxkit-based VM with the application containers, generate a cloudformation template based on a yaml manifest and launch it. The goal is to offer the same type of features that kubernetes and docker’s universal control plane offer, but with cloud native services, and without requiring a cluster.

Available on github

Bitbucket pull requests

A VSCode extension to start pull requests directly form the IDE.

Install from here

Available on bitbucket

SE Radio podcast player

An Amazon Echo skill to play episodes of SE Radio. Currently in development.

Where’s my bus?

An Amazon Echo skill that helps you figure out when the next MUNI is coming. Install here


Python library to consume transit data from You can get it from github, or install it from pypi


Nose plugin to add xunit like reporting to nosetests when running in multiprocess mode. You can get it from github