Maybe It's Time to Rethink How You've Been Developing?

DevX Conf 2022

Over the last five years, there has been a huge shift in the way applications get deployed - from self-hosted infrastructure to the world of cloud and Kubernetes clusters. This change in deployment practices brought with it a lot of new things to the world developers - containers, cloud provider configurations, and staging environments, to name a few. Instead of coding monoliths, we started to see a shift towards cloud-native applications consisting of multiple microservices.

So while the way of application deployment has advanced, the workflows and tooling for development have remained stagnant. They didn't adapt completely or feel "native" to this world of cloud-native applications. This led to an unpleasant developer experience involving a massive loss in developer productivity.

This talk is going to be about how cloud-based remote development environments provide a solution to this problem. A new development workflow solution that feels native to the multiple microservices-based applications we see being developed these days. The talk will cover what these environments are, how they deliver a more pleasant developer experience, and how folks can get started using them with the help of open source tools like Okteto CLI.